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SkatingIsGenetic's News

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - September 26th, 2008

That's right.

I now have my very own..LAPTOP.

*crowd cheers*

Now all I need to do is install fruity loops, then go online and look for some free piano vsts, and some string vsts, and some drum samples, and maybe look for some voice samples, I need better bass vsts no doubt, and some new fx samples sound pretty good too and..(to be continued).

P.S.- I want to thank those who were concerned about what was happening. Now I have a laptop!..With tons of memory..!!


Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - September 13th, 2008

I'm challenging myself..

I'm trying to get a job before my birthday so I can fix my infected desktop and get my mom's laptop (yes, she's gving me her 20 GIGABYTE LAPTOP!!), and the clock is ticking.

Literally, I only have like a couple of weeks left.

If I don't get a job beforehand, I'm a LOSER.

Well not really, but I still need a job.

Anyway..wish me luck.

Hopefully it won't be long before I'm back on track! =)

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - August 15th, 2008

As if things couldn't get any worse..

I now have a huge virus on the computer that I use to create my songs on... I can't access my taskbar, I can't access my programs, I'm being recommended to install windows vista anti-spyware and virus protection on my computer when I use windows xp, programs I had installed on my computer had been deleted (FL studios for one </3), I have a shortcut icon for gay porn that I know I sure as HELL did NOT install onto the computer..so now my only access to the internet is on my sister's laptop.

The jumpdrive I have all my songs saved on was still in the computer when it became infected so for all I know, all my music data is corrupted and now all my past, present, and future projects are GONE! Then again I haven't checked it so there is still hope. I'm just afraid that as soon as I put it in a USB outlet, the computer will become infected because the virus spread to my jumpdrive. But anyway..

School's about to start..hopefully I'll get a job and save up for my on laptop, with memory coming out of the wazoo, an external harddrive, and all I need to really get on track with my music making experience.

Well..wish me luck!

Edit: Someone deleted me as their favorite artist! Wow... Am I the only one this has happened to? lol

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - July 12th, 2008

After being review by my favorite artist on NG, (AloysiusRexford, check him out he's awesome) I'm finally starting to realize how bad the sounds in my music are. What makes it worse is that I can't go online and download ANYTHING. My computer has a total, yes TOTAL memory space, of 4 g.b. The number should speak for itself.

So as I sit here...typing out my frustration of the piece of crap I make music on...I can't help but wonder does it really matter if I find sounds outside of FL...?

Nevermind, that's a stupid question.

But then I have to ponder, for how long will my songs sound mediocre, or like crap, because of the fact that I can't venture out and get new sounds?

In that case will I ever really get better at making music? Because I honestly don't think so.

It's bad enough that I have to deal with the FL preset sounds for drums, (which drives me freakin' nuts) but it won't take long until everything I put out is PLAYED out because of the fact that I'll be using the same sounds over and over and over and over...

Man, I can't help but BE pissed off.

And you bet your anus that I am!


Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - June 20th, 2008


I'm putting all my other many demos aside to begin working on a new song named after this post...

Going to be my first song where I try to NOT use as many presets as I can! (Does piano count as a preset? I know people are probably tired of hearing pianos in my song but... TOO BAD!! =P)

I'm going to be working with 3soxc mostly, but if I come up with something good, I'll use sytrus.

I've been told that is kind of hard though.


I'll be sending out a demo (again?! X_x) as soon as I get the whole outline of the song.

And I'm excited about DIS ONE cause I have lyrics for it! ^.^ (And no, it won't be sung. I would love it though! I'm just going to post the lyrics up with the final)

But yeah...

Wish me luck!!


Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - June 10th, 2008

Not including the summer work that I am looking for...

I'm going to start screwing around with the sytrus and all that good stuff on FL and start straying from presets.

...God help us all...


Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - May 24th, 2008

Thanks to an AMAZING, yet so TALENTED and HUMBLE friend...

I now have...

The full version of FL 7 and I couldn't be HAPPIER! ^.^

Look, I'm practically speechless...

sflhslfh;lashdf;lkasdhf;lashf;alkshf;l ashf;lkhsaf!!!!!

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - May 22nd, 2008

One word...REASON.

I want to use a different program and reason is top on my list.

Problem is, I don't know the best place, or to be honest, a place in general, to download it from.

Even if it's on the trial, let me at it!

If it's like FL and I can't save on the demo, no problem.

I've just been hearing alot of songs done with the reason program and I want to stretch out and try some things on that.


Any suggestions about where I can get the program?

I would appreciate it SOOOOO much!

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - May 20th, 2008

As of late, I've been depressed (or so I think).

Listening to other songs, and comparing them to mine, I feel like I'm not improving and people are leaving me in the dust.

And I told myself that the object of making music wasn't to please others but to please myself...

I know that if my music makes me feel good then it will most defintely make someone else feel good.

Yet I just can't shake my competitive nature, no matter HOW HARD I want to.

I know I don't suck at making music...I'm surely not the best, oh no, faaaaaaaaaaaar from it...

But why is it that I feel that when it comes to interacting with the one thing close to my heart...

It's useless?

And no matter how hard I'll try to work to become better...

I won't?

I think it's highschool...This stupid school is driving me nuts.


Depressed, Fustrated, or Close to my period...

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - May 4th, 2008

How can you tell whether you're following your heart or not?

Whether you're letting your emotions guide you, or you're letting what others say guide you.

Someone could influence you in a way to where you think that your heart is telling you something when in actuality...

You're doing the exact opposite...


I know what will take my mind off of this ;D.