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Not bad...

The quality was pretty good.

I thought the background quiality (like background art like skies and stings) ws kind of crappy but...

The fight scene was good, and funny at times so XD.

Good work!


Manga-Otaku responds:

Well, having too much of a busy background tends to subtract from the foreground action, but you're right.

A good background is always good to have.


That was very creative. I'm expecting the second one to be just as good.

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Amazing. :)

I was NOT expecting to see what I saw when I first started this game.

What I'm most grateful for is the complexity.


I'm tired of seeing "It's way too f'in complicated" to make a song. You'e right, POM1 was simple click and place. That's why every f'in song people made sounded EXACTLY ALIKE. Now we have some sort of diversity here. Now it's RARE that any two POM2 songs will sound similar, giving POM fans an ability to finally have a song to call their own, instead of getting pissed when they hear a song that is exactly the same as the 35 minute one they worked on except that ONE bass part at the end..

So stfu with all the "it's too confusing" b.s.

I mean, you still have POM1..

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah I don't get them either. thanks for the review :)

Very helpful!

Good job.

plant-eating-cat responds:


Lol, cool.

I've never created a flash.

It was actually kind of cool.

More like a puzzle game.

I'm sure when you get the hang of it you'll be really good at making games such as this.

Well, not exactly like THIS, but you know what I mean ^.^

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A Child's Game eh?

It feels like you are trying to make the song mimic the imagination of a child:
Ever changing, exuberant, full of surprise and promise.

I do enjoy this piece a lot. There is never a real settling point within the piece. I do enjoy how you have the melody playing subtly throughout each instrument. You really have to pay attention, and I love that!

Besides the beginning part (where all of the instruments become distorted,
which was mentioned in an earlier review), I must say that your portrayal of a 'Child's Game' was well executed!


There's just something about it.

Everytime I hear one of your laid-back tracks, I mentally force myself to become one with it.

To dive within the soundwaves and lose my grip on reality.

I close my mind and let your music do the thinking for me. ;)

I'm going to make sure that I reward myself with your album.

You're still my favorite artist on NG.

(Like that will ever change)

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

It's fucking great that you can sink so deep into my sound. There are times i'd like to hear my own music without knowing it's mine. I'd like to hear something I've done and erase all memory of me even doing it, then have a listen and see how I'd feel. Let me know how you felt about the album - Your thoughts are always welcome!

Your favorite? Yer too kind :P


Of course, I love anything medieval, and this definitely fit the bill.

I think what did it for me, the most, was the seamlessness in terms of moving the melody throughout all of the instruments (starting primarily at 1:09). It's almost chaotic...

But in a great way!

I agree with Blazing's comment with the snares. Honestly, the percussion in general. They all fit snuggly into the context of the song without being overpowering or overbearing.

You even had the melody simmer down at 1:17.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed this (as usual).

Keep up the awesome work!

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It's gorgeous but..

.. the sky seems so barren.

I think its missing the touch of the stars.


Vividly wonderful.

Your drawings..

..Are amazing.

I'm in awe, truly, I am.

This is the artistic talent that I dream of having.

Draw more.

I enjoy your gift. :)

No no.

Almost alone right?

The absence of stars replaced with the faint shroud of gas in the background (at least that's what I see) holds this art to its meaning.

Very nice.

MarshmallowGherkin responds:


I was hoping above all hope that this piece wouldn't suffer and become too boring or minimal from it. Visually, I don't believe it's the prettiest spacescape I've seen (an understatement), but I really do hope it conveys its theme as well as you say!

Favorite Quotes: "The moment you cheat for the sake of beauty, you know you are an artist" -Max Jacob, 1922 "If you want to educate a person, educate a man. If you want to educate a nation, educate a woman" -Oprah (HAHA) -Photo by misspiepie, flicker.com-

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