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SkatingIsGenetic's News

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - May 30th, 2010

I've been gone for too long. D:

Time to work. :)

Works with guitar jajaja!

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - December 18th, 2009

..back again (temporarily)

Making a few things on the available laptop. Hoping to get a new one by the time second semester rolls around.

So, stick with me till then.

Won't be any new vsts or much else.

Just good 'ol FL.

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - June 3rd, 2009

Technical difficulties once more.

I've been .. ah .. QUITE a long time without my laptop.

Nowhere can I make music and submit it on here so..


But when it IS back up and running I'll be spending a lot of time making video game tracks..

I realize that is what I want my composition degree to prepare me for.

Final Fantasy?!

Hopefully.. <333333333333333

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - March 30th, 2009

My laptop is fixed.

I have FL up and running.

And a new submission out. :)

After this week, I'll be back on track again. :P

(Actually, after the next 3 weeks.. Now I'm grounded. -.-)

I guess bathrooms really don't clean themselves.

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - March 13th, 2009


Me + Technology = FAILURE

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - February 25th, 2009

I got nothin'.

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - January 10th, 2009

Right now I'm working on a song to go with a scholarship I'm applying for.. And not just that. I'm going to be spending a lot of time looking for scholarships for college. It's the only way I'll be able to go because my family is po'!

So.. wish me luck. =]

I'll post it up here a few times before I finally submit it.


The first post! Check it out and leave some insight please. =) For The Future, By The Future.


I'm also doing another scholarship. It's one on brickfish.com and I decided to post a blog. It's about your favorite toy. I need lots of votes so..
Since you already wasted about a minute of your time checking out my NG page, why not head over to my personal page, read my blog and vote for it. Or just vote for it if you don't want to read it. Every vote gets me closer to winning the scholarship.

Thanks! =)

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - December 24th, 2008

Two words...

Please Listen.

/* */
Any ideas on what she may be saying?

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - October 23rd, 2008

My first collaboration!

NG Artist Corncamper and I have decided to collaborate together and make a song.

I figured this would be interesting, and also quite enlightening. We're both novices when it comes to making music, but we both excel at different aspects of songs that round us off as a whole.


In accordance to working on To Have Dreamt, I will be spending time collaborating with Corncamper.


I'm excited! :D

Posted by SkatingIsGenetic - October 11th, 2008

I'm going to start working on getting some feedback for my song "To Have Dreamt."

I LOVE it, and I really want it to sound good. I think it sounds ok overall, but I would like better drums. (If anyone can help me on that it would be awesome.) And I need to work on mastering it, but I hear it's a ton of work and takes alot of time, and I'm an amateur at it.

But anyways..

Just looking for advice! Any and all is welcome!